About the film


ALEX: You've just given me an idea for a story. It goes like this: A man gets a story from his ex in which he finds he's a character. He's rather self-satisfied, hasn't thought about the girl. But hearing the story unsettles him, and he can't stop thinking about it. One day, out of the blue, just when he thinks it's all going well, he finds this story in his letter-box. That's how it starts.

An unsettled summer; hot weather in the day and violent atmospheric disturbances by night is the background of this urban story, in a continental city. It is an ironic, darkly comedic look at modern relationships, with a large nod to Pirandello – a story within a story, where the characters become aware of being in a film.  I would say it is where art house meets wry comedy... Very modern, very contemporary... A look at how we live now type of film.

The movie has four characters: Daniel, a man between two women of his life – Irina and Maria, and Alex, the writer,  a close friend with the characters

Daniel receives a story on a voice recorder from Maria, his ex-girlfriend. In her story Maria turns Daniel into a fictional character and describes the moment when Daniel dumped her some time previously. The story is the part autobiographical – the true lines that Daniel told her – with a fantasy switch - Maria offers her to play the prostitute for him, to have a last sex for money.

Daniel becomes lured into the game Maria has initiated and becomes her lover again.  He hides his parallel life from Irina his present girlfriend and the big love of his life.  Daniel’s reaction to Maria’s story becomes a second story, this time a screenplay written by Alex, a writer, friend and confidante to both Daniel and Maria. As Daniel becomes sexually obsessed with Maria, Alex records and fictionalizes their increasingly destructive relationship.  Both stories develop as all four characters go along, living it for real. The fiction Alex is writing starts to mingle with the reality, sometimes is behind it, but sometimes is giving rise to it.

Daniel discovers he possesses, at best, only a partial knowledge of his past with Maria.  What he believed to be the reality between them was only an illusion.  Sexually ensnared by Maria, and now realizing the fragility of the border between the real and the imagined, Daniel begins to unravel.  He convinces himself that if he can only write an ending to his own story, becoming once again the author, he can regain control of his life.  He believes that by doing so, he will recover the inner peace provided by his relationship with Irina and which the affair with Maria has shattered.

Daniel picks up the story Alex has left off, and describes a character purging himself of sexual obsession and returning to normality. Alex believes he can incorporate Daniel’s new story in his expanding screenplay. But Alex is dissatisfied with the ending as it stands.

But just as it appears that Daniel will have the final say, while he moves to live with Irina in a new apartment, she finds the written record of his secret life. Irina quits him, not to spend years asking herself what was fiction and what was true in that story. The end of the story seems to be found. The only character, which never entered this game of binding reality with fiction walks out.